Is a Butterfly release safe?

Yes, our Butterflies are our main concern when we arrange a release, they are packed in a safe, cooled controlled environment, safely ‘asleep’ until you warm them up ready for their release.

How many Butterflies can I order?

You may order any amount of Butterflies, we suggest a minimum of 10.

How are the Butterflies released?

We offer a ‘collective’ release an ‘individual’ Butterfly release and our exclusive Vintage Cage release.

Do you send care instructions?

Yes we do, they will arrive with your order and can be emailed to you ahead of the delivery if requested.

When are the Butterflies delivered?

We send our Butterflies to arrive the day before the release, that way we know you have them in your safe keeping.

If you are local to us we can deliver to you on the morning of the release.

Do you charge for delivery?

The standard Special delivery next day option is included in the price, If you require the Butterflies to be delivered as a pre 9am next day this is extra, or on a Saturday this is also an extra cost.

What species of Butterfly do you offer?

We are an ethical and caring company and will only offer Butterflies that are native to the UK. So that the Butterflies we send can go on to make more Butterflies by settling on the UK’s host plants to lay their eggs and raise their young.

I found red liquid on the box, is this blood?

No, this is meconium, which is a product that the Butterflies excrete naturally, it is harmless for the Butterfly.

Will the Butterflies fly away immediately I open the box?

If the temperatures are cool, the Butterflies may take their time in flying away, most are very tame and will happily hop on to your hand for a photo opportunity, take time to study these beautiful creatures before they fly away!

The Butterflies are cold blooded creatures and need warmth to fly away.

Can I have a poem or verse with my order?

Yes you can, we have many beautiful poems on our website, or you can choose your own words, just email us the poem or verse choice and we will do the rest for you. We wrap with a ribbon and send with your order. (Please note this may be an extra charge of £3.50 per poem)