Meet Ros

Butterflies for Occasion – Isle of Wight

If I could sum up Ros’s attitude to life in a few words, it would be that her glass is never half full nor half empty but in her own words totally refillable.

In 1989 Ros moved to the beautiful Isle of Wight where she met her husband and started a family. Her profession as a croupier was put on hold as she dedicated her time to raising her 2 sons.

In 1998 she took a gamble “excuse the pun” to set up her own business with a mobile fun casino. ‘Shuffles’ was her 3rd baby and grew to be one of the Islands leading entertainment services particle popular at weddings. Ros and her husband ran Shuffles for 20yrs before deciding the time was right to sell.

Having been in the wedding industry for so long she spotted the gap in wedding transportation and set up Wight Ribbon Wedding Cars. Since having this business Ros remarks “I have never done a day’s work. Playing such a small part in one of the most important days of a couple’s life is a joy and an honour”.

Ros has a deep calling and love for all things spiritual and understands the importance of wellbeing. Although when asked Ros believes no one should be labelled she has many tools in her bag to support her work including, diplomas in Spiritual Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression, Grief and Bereavement Counselling, Inner Child Healing, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, TFT and EFT Tapping Practitioner.

This passion and knowledge allowed her to find the time to volunteer for the past 6yrs within her local Hospice and Hospital supporting end of life patients as well as offering free support on charity helplines and added support for the bereaved families.

Ros also runs an online spiritual and wellbeing group with over 16k members. With her philosophy set in stone “We are all teachers while remaining students” Ros believes that empowering/uplifting one person creates the teacher that in turn uplifts society and the World as a whole.

It was her love for the metaphor of the butterfly that represents rebirth, transformation, change, hope and a reminder that life is short that has led Ros to this heartfelt business. Ros believes this business found her and touches her heart so deeply that this is a calling.