Meet Sharon

Butterflies for Occasion – Ireland

The main thing you need to know about Sharon is that she is one of life’s enthusiasts, she keeps herself busy, doesn’t believe in spending time on anything that doesn’t light her up and she believes no-one else should either!

Having enjoyed a successful career in Dublin, whilst raising her now grown-up children, Sharon decided to pursue her life-long dream of living in a cottage in the countryside, growing her own vegetables and fruit, and keeping hens.

In 2016, she moved to the West of Ireland with her partner and youngest son, where she set about renovating their cottage and developing a No Dig Organic Garden.

Over the following year’s she became self-sufficient in vegetables, fruit and eggs and began her journey to foraging for wild foods.

In 2020, she decided to share her passion and knowledge with those who had found themselves locked down with nothing to do, and to help them to make use of their time and space by growing their own food.

She started up a Facebook group called “Totally Organic Ireland”. The group grew very quickly and currently has circa six thousand followers. In addition, she created over 30 County Swap & Share groups to help people connect and she has become a well-known and much-loved figure amongst those she has empowered to pursue a simpler way of living.

She also runs courses on No Dig Organic gardening in addition to teaching people how to ‘Can’ and preserve the foods they grow. She continues to encourage people to cherish mother earth and all the wonders of the natural world.

Sharon has a deep love of nature and spends endless hours on her Homestead creating beautiful habitats for bees, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife that surround her.

She considers these wonderful creatures as her ‘little helpers’ in the garden. In particular, she loves butterflies, breathtaking in their exquisite natural beauty she even had one tattooed on her arm.

It is as a reminder of the journey of life, and how, despite its challenges, we can blossom into something beautiful.

It was here that Sharon had her light bulb moment. She could bring this beautiful symbolic creature to people to help them celebrate the defining moments in life.

Since starting out on this Butterfly journey, Sharon has created so much joy in the people she has touched as they release their butterflies for occasions such as baby-naming, weddings, elopements coming of age, communions, and even symbolic gestures of letting go at funerals and everything else in between.

Sharon has so much enthusiasm and passion for this beautiful work, and it is always carried out with love.