Prom Butterflies

A Butterfly release for your Prom

Butterflies for Occasions offer live Butterflies for release, this beautiful and enchanting service we offer is a limited service as we breed and raise these beautiful creatures especially for you.

Why not release a Beautiful Butterfly at your Prom, a memorable and enchanting way to celebrate your achievements and to celebrate the emergence of a beautiful young person after a journey of hard work and dedication – just like the Butterfly.

Many Cultures in our World see the Butterfly as a symbol of transformation, representing a persons ‘metamorphosis through life’.

Why not organise a group release, which would equate to an average of £12 per person all inclusive. (We recommend a minimum of 10 for the Butterfly release group).

We would be happy to arrange a donation to your School or College’s favourite Charity from the proceeds of the order for Butterflies.

We offer the full service from just £12 per person, the prices include Butterflies, packaging, display boxes, coloured ribbons, organza bows to compliment colour themes, A Butterfly wish scroll and our Courier Service delivery to your chosen destination.

In order that we can have sufficient supply to breed and raise these Beautiful creatures we will require 6 weeks notice, but we may be able to fulfill your order at short notice if we have stock available.

Please email your request to

For Isle of Wight Ros Way: